Nymph's Fountain

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Nymph's Fountain


Castelvetrano (TP)

Nymph's Fountain
Situated in Piazza Umberto I, the fountain was made in 1615 by Naples-born Orazio Nigrone in celebration of the completion of the aqueduct that channelled water from the Bigini springs to the city. It is made up of four basins placed one above the other and is about 10 metres tall. The columns originally finished with a classic trabeation and pointed roof but were then replaced by a crowning with the city’s coat of arms, the palm, accompanied by an inscription. Located in a niche on the fourth level stands the marble statue of a nymph who in her right hand holds an urn from which the water flows. Between the first and second basins there is a marble headstone that carries the names of the then King of Spain, Filippo III, of the ruling Prince of Castelvetrano, Giovanni d’Aragona, of University “Giurati”, the name of the municipality at the time, of the project planner and lastly the date of completion. 


Visit Duration
60 min. cc.

Via Pietro Colletta, 2 - Castelvetrano (TP)

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