Selinunte Civic Museum


Castelvetrano (TP)

Selinunte Civic Museum
The museum has a collection of findings that came to light during the archaeological excavations carried out in the Selinunte area. Among these the Efebo, a rare bronze fusion, 85cm tall, that depicts a young nude man recently identified as the God Dionysus (480-460 BC). Other noteworthy pieces include the “lex sacra”, a sheet of lead on which is inscribed, in two upside down sections, a fifth century BC law, an Attica columned vase (470 BC), and Byzantine scales (fifth century AC). There are also numerous Greek coins and pottery displayed. In the nearby former church of the Augustines the permanent exhibition “Selinunte Imagined” brings together the reproductions of how travellers and archaeologists, that lived between the XVIII and the XX centuries, represented the ancient Greek colony, both conceptually and scientifically. 


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09:00 - 18:30

09:00 - 13:00

Open every day
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60 min. cc.

Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 50 - Castelvetrano (TP)

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