Monastery of the Capuchins

Monastery - Castelvetrano - Trapani

Monastery of the Capuchins


Castelvetrano (TP)

Monastery of the Capuchins
The headquarters of the Capuchin friars was originally situated in the Sant’Anna district. It was in 1622 that the construction of the new building on the site that we see today began. In 1629, in celebration of the festival of Saint Rosalia, the Mass was officiated for the first time in the new church. 
The main altar is adorned with a picture by Pietro Novelli, realised in 1633 and restored in 1789 by Brother Felix of Sambuca. It depicts the Virgin with Saint Rosalia and Saint Rocco and represents the possibility of falling down by means of the moving cord of a winch, thus revealing the magnificent underlying reliquary, whose contents are described on two gravestones set on the wall alongside the entrance.


Open every day
Visit Duration
60 min. cc.

Piazza San Francesco d´Assisi, 1 - Castelvetrano (TP)


0924 902617

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